Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Analytics software is used to track and measure web traffic from website visitors. Web developers and marketers use this information to determine the effectiveness of a web site and determine how visitors are interacting with the site. This gives web developers feedback on how to improve. There are several types of Digital Marketing Analytics software you can choose from. The top 10 digital analytics software include Google Analytics, Looker, Siteimprove, Amplitude, Pendo Heap, Adobe Analytics, Smartlook, GA 360, and Mixpanel. I will be reviewing the three best Digital Analytics software. This software will replace the best digital analyst.

Digital Analytical Tools

Here are a few of the top Digital Analytical tools that are most popular.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used with your website or your mobile app and is free of charge. It gives valuable information about your websites and visitors. This software is easy to use. It gives companies valuable insights about their websites, their digital marketing, and their viewers. Advanced testing tools help small and large companies build better digital strategies and user experiences. Whether you have a small or large business, Analytics can help you analyze your data see what’s not working and what to do about it. With it you can track how many people are visiting your website, whether you’re getting the right amount of traffic, and helps you find the right search engine optimization for your website. The cons about this software are that the interface might be a little difficult to use for beginners and people who have little knowledge of analytics tools.


Looker functions as a browser based software. It takes advantage of the newest and fastest analytic databases for results in real time. Looker can generate retrospective reports and show current data used for day by day operations. You can view data in the app without exporting it, and the visualization is highly customizable. With Looker you can create graphs and charts and make it personalized. You can combine data from several sources and review them all in Looker. The community and help docs are useful. The forum is useful to troubleshoot because someone usually has experienced the same problem. The Merged function allows users to view multiple data points from different sources in relation to each other. The cons to this software are that for datasets you must still export them to Excel.


Siteimprove – Siteimprove is a robust tool that is very helpful in website analytics. With Siteimprove you can create content of high quality, drive better website traffic, and measure your performance, all in one location. The software adapts to any business. The software is a tool that works very well but could need more features like a digital marketing system that further broadens the digital part. This way traffic and customers are increased. There is one major con with Siteimprove and that is with their policy. Before signing up with Siteimprove, its good practice to read the contract. If you can’t justify the renewal cost and want to discontinue using it, you have to give them 90 days cancellation notice.

This concludes the review on digital marketing analytics.

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