Blink Camera Review

Blink Camera Review

The Blink Home Security System is a surveillance system that helps you to keep an eye on your home by using your smartphone. The camera is wireless and allows you to store recorded video, but it doesn’t offer other features and displays pincushion distortion. The camera is reasonably priced at $132.9 with Amazon. This is a Blink Camera Review.

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Blink Camera Review – Pros and Cons:


  • Easy installation
  • High definition resolution of 720p
  • Affordable
  • Motion detection
  • Cloud storage


  • Has pincushion distortion
  • Will not integrate with other smart devices
  • Only functions with motion detection and not on demand
  • No two way audio

The Blink Home Security Camera System is a system you can install anywhere in your home and one that is very affordable. Its battery powered and features 720p cameras. This is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Icontrol Networks Piper nv ($299.00) or Zmodo Pivot ($149.99) both available from Amazon. But both of these options offer a 1080p picture display.

Blink Camera Review Prices:

Out of the box Blink comes with one or more cameras and a Sync Module supporting up to 10 cameras. You are also given a mounting kit to use to mount the camera to a wall. Sync Modules just relay commands and details to other devices in your system. Sync Modules give the camera more battery life. Here are the kits and their prices: Single camera – $99, Two camera – $159, Three camera – $219, Five camera $339.

For individual cameras you will pay $70, and individual Sync Modules are $50.

Camera Features:

The camera is lightweight and small and is able to fit practically anywhere in your house. It is powered by two AA batteries. But the camera must be installed indoors because the cameras aren’t waterproof. One of the camera’s features is an Infra Red LED indicator used for night vision that is used to see up to a distance of 20 feet. It also includes motion as well as temperature sensors, a microphone, and a power radio that lets it communicate with the Sync Module. The front of the camera houses the lens, a blue LED, and a small microphone. Towards the back of the camera you’ll find the battery compartment, but you can also power the camera with an optional USB cable.

Sync Module Features:

Here are some features of the Sync Module. It is a little smaller than the camera. The Sync Module includes power and WiFi indicators on its top, an Ethernet port and micro USB power port on its side, and on the other side you’ll find a USB port. It features a low power radio for talking to the cameras and a WiFi radio for your home network.

The camera will record a clip of about 10 seconds when motion is detected. But it cannot record on demand. You can store these clips in the cloud up to 7200 seconds. If you go over this amount the older clips will be overwritten. There are other things you can do with these clips too like downloading them to your smart phone or sharing them on social media, emailing, or texting them. Unlike the Yi Home Camera 2 and the Nest Cam, Blink does not support two way audio.

The App:

To control your camera, download the app on your Android or iOS. The homescreen shows all your installed cameras. At the bottom of the home screen is an option for abling or disabling motion alerts. The gear icon will navigate you to the Settings screen. Here you can activate motion detection, change the sensitivity level, check the signal strength of the Camera to the WiFi, and also monitor the room temperature. Also in settings you are able to view how much power you have in your camera. The settings option is where you can change the IR level.

To manage the system and change your passwords head to the top of the screen to the Account Management icon. This is where you would go to create a schedule for activating or disactivating motion detection. To view your video clips just tap the thumbnail in the Folder’s icon. This is where you would share or delete your clip as well.


To set up the camera just download the app and set your account and Sync Module. To setup the Sync Module just charge it into your wall outlet until the LED starts blinking blue. Access your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, choose the Blink SSID, go back to the app, and select the Wi-Fi network to use with the Sync Module. Tap the Connect to Wi-Fi button and name the Blink system, and just add your cameras. Install your AA batteries for each camera. You are prompted to enter the serial number of the camera in the next step.

Blink Camera Review – Conclusion

The camera delivers a sharp 720p picture with accurate color representation. The camera displays pincushioned images, and displays rounded edges. The motion detection of the camera works well. The IR vision displays well lit images. Also the recorded clips  were just as accurate as the live feeds. Also you can set a schedule for when you want the cameras to work.

Blink is a good choice if you don’ want to spend too much for surveillance. It provides good color quality and image detail. A big plus is that you have access to cloud storage and the cameras do a good job of picking up on motion and sending alerts.

The downside to Blink is that it doesn’t offer two way audio communication like some of it’s competitors. Another downside is that it doesn’t offer on-demand recording or integrate with other home automation devices.

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