Brainly Site

Brainly Site

Brainly Site – Overview

What is Brainly? Brainly is a community that unites middle school and high school students to make learning outside the classroom effective and interesting. The education company has its origins in Poland with their US headquarters in New York City. Brainly allows students parents and teachers to ask and answer homework questions outside the classroom. It strengthens student’s skills in the subjects like science, social studies, history, and math. As of November 2020, Brainly has 350 million users and is the worlds number one education app.

Is Brainly free? You have access to most of the features and content on Brainly for free. If you feel you would like access to all answers with 100% uninterrupted access you can purchase one of their subscriptions. Brainly offers a monthly, semiannual, and annual subscription plan for purchase.

Brainly Site


One of the compliments that is frequently received about Brainly is that the responses to the questions raised were immediate and accurate. Brainly has a rewarding system in place for people who answer questions and clarify doubts. Doing this ensures active participation and builds a supportive learning community. Most teachers believe Brainly site is a helpful app for students only if its used correctly. Therefore, students should try to work on the problem or assignment by themselves before getting help.


There have been a huge number of complaints about Brainly from its customers. I’m going to go over several of these complaints.

“Brainly is actually sad. You have to pay to get better quality, saying you have to pay monthly to get a better education or get a better “experience”. I saw an ad, which I had to watch to get the right answer, and it told me to pay to get answers faster and verified answers to a question.”

“I contacted customer support on Jan 14th, 2021, and requested to cancel my subscription because I wasn’t able to log in to my account. However, I never received a reply from them or any link to reset my password, however I was still charged $24 for not even logging in once. What poor service.”

“Not bad. I use this, and there are a lot of useful answers, that help me a lot on homework. However, there are also a lot of nonsensical questions and answers made by people that don’t take this seriously. Also, not every question gets answered in the desired amount of time.”

“I had tried a lot to cancel my subscription but was not able to get any option for it. It is a waste of time to email them, they don’t even reply back the email. Can anybody help me in canceling my subscription as they charged me $24 for 1-year subscription?”

“I’m 14 but if you claim to want to help us with all those ads then stop making us have to pay to help each other. While you’re at it, just because we are teens doesn’t mean you have to be a stereotyping and thinking we need all these ads about vaping.”

“Horrible. I just started my account and answered like over 40 questions. I got positive feedback from the ones who posted it. But randomly a moderator goes and deletes everything in one go without a reason for why it was deleted. There is no point to the time I wasted answering then.”

Brainly Site – Conclusion:

Brainly has a consumer rating of 1.41 stars out of 5 from 115 reviews showing that most customers are dissatisfied with their purchase. In conclusion, It seems Brainly means well, but it seems that there are just too many negative reviews to justify its purchase. Here is a quick link to their website if you are interested in brainly

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