Insight Timer App Review

Insight Timer App

Insight Timer is very popular right now and I thought I would see what the fuss is all about and do a review on it.

What is Insight Timer?

Insight Timer app is one of the world’s most popular app for sleep, anxiety, and meditation. It has won awards such as “Apps of the Year Winner – from Time magazine and Women’s Health”. This free meditation app provides more than 60,000 guided meditations. Timer allows you to select which meditation is right for you based on how much time you have. As far as ambient sounds go, Timer has several: Eternal stream, Moonlight, Raindrops, Bird song and more.

Timer is translated in several languages with backgrounds such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and more. Most importantly, the guided meditations are provided by top experts from Harvard, Stanford, and more.

Insight Timer App

Insight Timer App Features

The timer allows you to set up a time period for your meditation and you can choose a bell sound for different intervals of your meditation. One of Timer’s features is it’s bell types. Many of the bell sounds are from singing bowls. A singing bowl is just a metal bowl that produces a sound when struck by a mallet. The sounds from the bowl are supposed to help you relax and lessen anxiety. Timer’s selection of bell types includes high pitched singing bowls, small and medium sized singing bowls, and larger, deeper singing bowls.

Timer includes a social feature as well. You can interact with other Timers in their discussion groups and track your progress with Timer’s metrics. With Timer’s stats, you see how many people are actually using the app across the entire world and what types of meditations they are using. The stats also include information about other meditators, and gives you information about upcoming meditations and courses. Some people would rather not want their tracking information shared with others. If you are this type of person you might want to consider another timer without social features. Timer does not have the option to disable tracking.

Although the stats are neat to look at, they don’t provide much useful information. What is useful is that Timer will keep track of all your meditations for you. One of their metrics allows you to track your progress over a period of time.

Insight Timer App Meditations

Meditations – Insight Timer is more of a social meditation platform than a timer. Insight Timer has over 12,000 meditations you can choose from, which the company says is the most comprehensive collection of meditations and music. This is one of the reasons to choose Insight Timer over one of its competitors. These meditations are free, but you might want to upgrade to their “Premium” package. This package includes the meditations, but you can listen to them with a higher quality audio and advanced player. Another feature of the paid version allows you to rewind or fast forward your meditations, and also access your meditations offline.

The price for the Premium plan is only $60 per year and I think that’s very affordable for what Timer provides you. Timer will at times push you to upgrade to the Premium plan. I believe Calm, one of Insight Timers’ competitors charges $64 per year, and Calm doesn’t have as comprehensive selection as Timers.

Courses – Meditations may be free, but you have to purchase the courses. Courses are included in the Premium package, but you can also purchase them separately. For a one-time play, each course will cost you around $7. For unlimited plays you will pay around $27.

Insight Timer Meditation App Review

Conclsusion – I would recommend Insight Timer mainly for their collection of meditations. If you do want to upgrade you can for a fair price. Insight Timer is comparably priced with their competitors. Timer only makes its money off of its upsells, so it might look to you like they’re over advertising. This is one of the complaints about Insight Timer. Insight Timer requires you to register before you can start using the timer.

There have been mixed reviews about their customer support. Many had problems contacting the company for help and the response from the technical support team was lacking. Some also complained about the app itself, saying that the links don’t function properly. Some say they are being billed automatically after being registered for a free trial. For these reasons those who have tried Insight Timer wouldn’t recommend the product. From what I see that the company does respond to the complaints and is trying to improve their customer service. However, others are pleased with the app and would recommend it to others.

Hope this information helps you!

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