Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

There are a lot of people that have been looking into Kinsta for WordPress hosting. I thought I would look into it and do a review.

The Company – Kinsta is an exclusive WordPress hosting provider that was founded in 2013. It is one of the fastest and secure web hosts available. The entry level plan for Kinsta starts at $30 a month. It may be a little high compared to its competitors, but this includes managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta will take on the responsibility of caching, securing, and backing up your WordPress website. This saves a lot of time in the long run. Kinsta provides faster loading times and fewer downtimes compared to other hosts. Kinsta’s staff is made up of WordPress experts who are experienced in solving customer’s issues.

Google Cloud Platform – Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Platform. Platform provides cloud computing resources for deploying applications on the web. Platform runs on the identical infrastructure that Google uses for its products like Gmail and YouTube. Being on Platform allows Kinsta to host WordPress websites on a top-of-the-line infrastructure all over the world. Platform is highly scalable, and is able to adapt to any surges in traffic.

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta Hosting Features

Backups – When you sign up with Kinsta you receive automatic backups for your site. The backups will be saved for a minimum of 14 days, for the entry level plans. Back up plans will be kept longer with a more expensive Kensta plan. If you need hourly backups Kinsta can provide that too for an additional monthly fee. Retrieving the backup is a simple process.

The Dashboard – Kinsta offers its own custom dashboard that you can use to update plugins, manage backups, and more. The dashboard is very easy to navigate. The dashboard has a stat feature to monitor visitor analytics among other things.

If you want to test a plugin or a website customization without going live, Kinsta features its ‘Staging Service’.

After registering with Kinsta, you are now able to install WordPress. The process is simple and straightforward. Kinsta allows you to have and manage multiple sites.

Other features:

  • Website caching – Server and plugin caching is available.
  • PHP – It is very easy to switch to different levels of PHP. Websites are often developed using PHP scripting language.
  • SSL – You can either install your own certificate or get one from ‘Let’s Encrypt’.
  • SFTP – For uploading and downloading files, Kinsta offers Secure FTP.
  • Measures for security – DDoS scanning and malicious code monitoring.
  • Server locations – There are 21 data center locations around the world, with several locations in Asia, Europe, and the US.
  • Support – If help is needed a chat service is available. One downside is that Kinsta does not offer telephone support. If you don’t want to chat you can always submit a ticket to contact the help desk.

Kinsta Hosting Performance

Performance – Kinsta has faster loading times than other hosts. Although Kinsta is more expensive, the loading times were faster compared to Bluehost and HostGator in a performed test that used a simple default theme. With a page file size that is much larger to load like Avada the loading times were about 1.25 seconds. If you have a WordPress theme that has a lot of features, the loading time will be longer. Another thing that will affect your loading times is the location of the data center. Visitors that access your site farther away from a data center might also delay the load time.

Load performance – Testing was also done to measure how much load will effect performance. Low cost plans like Bluehost and HostGator suffered performance issues when there was a significant load placed upon them.

Uptime – Your site might suffer from downtime over the course of a year. Hosts will offer 99.9% uptime levels, but that could mean eight hours over the course of a year. Kinsta won’t charge you if the uptime drops below 99.9%.

Kinsta Hosting Pricing

How much are the plans? – Kinsta has several plans to choose from:

You can get one WordPress site, 25,000 visits, and 10GB disk space for $30/month with the starter plan.

You can get two WordPress sites, 50,000 visits, and 20GB disk space for $60/month with the ‘Pro’ plan.

As well, You can get three WordPress sites, 100,000 visits and 30GB disk space for $100/month with the ‘Business’ plan.

Also, You can get 60 WordPress sites, 1,000,000 visits, and 100GB disk space for $600/month with the ‘Enterprise’ plan,

Kinsta offers a 30 day money back guarantee for each plan, so you can try Kinsta and see if it’s the best plan for you. Each plan also has access to the same Google Cloud Platform.

Conclusion – Kinsta has some very attractive features such as automatic backups, around the clock chat service, and fast downloads. These features come with a price however. It is more expensive than other entry level hosts. But again, it is a faster and more reliable host and is geared specifically for WordPress. You have nothing to lose because you can try it for thirty days and see if it is a good fit for you.

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