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Reviews For Pretty Litter

Everyone wants their cats to live a long healthy lives. Keeping your cat healthy involves feeding him a healthy diet. Even though you feed your cat healthy food, whether dry or wet food, he may become sick. But how would you know something is wrong with your cat? Cats have an instinct to hide their pain, and you might not now something is wrong until your cat can any longer tolerate the pain. What is so special about pretty litter? If there is something physically wrong with your cat and your cat urinates in Pretty Litter, the litter will change color, alerting you to acidity in your cat’s urine. By alerting you before hand of your cats condition you are able to catch things before they get worse. If you see that Pretty Litter is changing color that’s a sign that your cat needs a checkup to the veterinarian. This is reviews for pretty litter.

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Reviews For Pretty Litter – Brand Overview:

Pretty Litter is generally new to the market, but it has been getting rave reviews and a following. It’s been featured in a number of web sites and social media. What makes Pretty Litter different from everybody else? If you want cat litter for your cat the typical way of getting it is to go to your local grocery store or pet store and pick up a box. With Pretty Litter it’s right to your door. To get Pretty Litter you have to purchase it through the company’s website. And it is also sold by subscription only. So to order, just provide them with how many cats you have, and also include your shipping and billing information, and then you’ll be enrolled. Every month you’ll be getting a fresh bag of Pretty Litter. Not too hard is it?

Reviews For Pretty Litter – Details:

Pretty Litter is made from Silica Gel, which makes it highly absorbant. It lets you know if there are any changes in the cat’s overall health. It provides odor control but it doesn’t clump like regular cat litter. The price? $3.67 per pound. There’s not much of a selection with Pretty Litter. It offers only one type. It’s made of fine granules of silica crystal. Scientists and veterinarians designed this litter so you can be assured its safe to use with your cat. The litter’s silica gel is very absorbant and its chemical indicators will monitor the cat’s ph level. If the cat’s acidity or alkaline levels are not in a normal range, Pretty Litter will let know know.

Reviews For Pretty Litter – Colors:

So what do the Pretty Litter colors indicate? Well, if you find that the color is red, there could be a few things wrong with your cat. One is a Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD). This is what my cat had, and it is very painful. It will also tell if there are kidney or bladder stones, as well as kidney disease or clotting disorders. It can also tell if there is internal injury to your cat or signs of bladder cancer.  

If the color is orange it may indicate that your cat’s acidity is outside its normal range. This could be metabolic or kidney tubular acidosis or something called calcium oxalate crystal formation.

If your Pretty Litter turns a blue or dark green, this means the alkalinity is out of its normal range. This means the cat could have a urinary tract infection. Your cat could also be at risk of forming a crystal or stone. If you see any of these colors please take your cat to the vet and have it diagnosed.

Overall Pretty Litter has great ratings. The scent and odor control rank very high. Its also very easy to scoop. Some things that could be improved is its price and how it clumps. Other than that it’s a really great product. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of Pretty Litter.


One very big pro is that Pretty Litter is delivered to your door step. I’m sure you know this by now: Boxed cat litter is very heavy, especially taking it up the stairs. It’s main function is a big plus as well: monitoring the health of your cat before your cat’s condition gets worse. That’s the main reason I’m assuming you would buy Pretty Litter. Another plus is it odor control and its absorbancy.


It does not clump. This might be a problem for you. Another factor is the price. I think regular cat litter is expensive as it is, but Pretty Litter is very expensive compared to other litters – over $6 per pound. And if you have more than one cat you go through a months supply very quickly.

What Other People Say:

There have been good and bad reviews of Pretty Litter. Customers of are saying they love the odor control and it scent. It is lightweight compared to other litters. Not having to lug heavy boxes around is huge plus.

And here are some negative reviews. Liz K has two indoor cats so she purchases two bags a month. After around three weeks, the litter must be replaced. Other than that, she thinks its awesome litter.

For CarribethP, she explains that her biggest problem is the price. She’s paying about $39/month.

Conclusion –

So Pretty Litter is expensive. That’s probably the biggest drawback. But even so if you have a sick cat that has serious health issues the vet bills could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s good to catch your cat’s issues early on, and Pretty Litter can help do this. Also, cat owners are finding that the 4 pound bag doesn’t quite last a month for larger cats or multiple cats. Of course every cat household is different.

A four pound bag might not last a month. Your cats might not like the transition from clay litter to silica crystal, but the texture is very similar. And again, the odor control and liquid absorption is very good.

Pretty Litter is safe for cats in case they do ingest the granules.

Price – For a four pound bag you’re going to pay about $27 – what you see on the website. But Pretty Litter offers discounts.

To purchase Pretty Litter visit their website. Give them the number of cats you have and your mailing and billing addresses. If you want to cancel your subscription any time you are free to do so.

One last thing. For solid waste scoop daily. This can be flushed, but the actual litter should be disposed in the trash when emptying the litter box.

Hope this helps you!

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