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Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a printing technology in which documents are not printed until a company receives an order. There are several Print on Demand (POD) companies out there, but I would like to talk about Printful. Printful is a platform that used to offer products at low prices. The order is placed and the Print on Demand provider processes the products and does the shipping. One huge plus when working with a Print on Demand provider is that there is no need to worry about inventory or logistics. To this point, Printful has processed over 10 million orders and has sold over $397 worth of products and merchandise. It’s wide selection of products and great customer support make it very attractive option.

Print on Demand Overview

POD allows users to print customized products in small numbers. The great thing about POD is that there is no need to keep any physical products in stock. You can break down Printful’s name into two parts: Print and Fulfillment. Meaning they are in charge of printing your products and order fulfillment. Printful had it’s beginnings in 2004 and has evolved in to printing products like t-shirts and posters. With Printful, sellers can focus on promotion and the designs of their products. Printful handles the rest including printing, packaging, storage, and shipping to the customers. This lets retailers focus on growing their business and making great designs. Printful works in the following two steps: register an account and start creating product designs. After you register with Printful, you can choose your product with a variety of color, material, size, etc.

Printful allows you to customize your product using your graphic images that you can upload, and also by using clip art or text. One of the products that Printful offers are T-shirts. With their software you can upload your own design. The next step is to promote your products to the stores of your choosing, and run your marketing campaigns. Printful is easily integrated into other eCommerce platforms including eBay, Shopify, Weebly, WooCommerce, and Amazon. If you don’t have an online store that is set up at the moment, you can always sell your products through Printful. The last step in the process is order fulfillment. In this step, the order is placed and Printful produces the items. Then Printful packages and delivers the items to the customer. The printing and packaging process usually takes around 2-7 days while the shipping requires 1-8 days. As far as POD services go, Printful stands out in its production time. The services offered by Printful are very good and fast compared to other POD services.

Print on Demand Quality

One advantage to POD is that merchants are free from worrying about stock or inventory. One disadvantage to POD is that stores can’t control the product’s quality. Printful has a reputation for delivering quality items as well as a high customer satisfaction rating. To make sure the quality is very good Printful has invested over $29 million in printing equipment. To ensure quality Printful does checks on software graphics before the printing process. The printing process is observed by specialists. After printing there is a final quality check. Compared to its competitors you will be hard pressed in matching the value that Printful delivers.

Now I’m going to discuss what Printful offers as far as options and features. The two options that Printful offers are Direct to Garment (DTG) printing and embroidery. The company’s goal to is to make the POD process cost effective and easy as possible. The standard process includes their DTG method using photo quality prints. The equipment that Printful uses includes Kornit and Brother printers. These two printers are well known for their high quality in DTG printing as far as garments are concerned. Both bands produce high quality garments meaning they offer great quality.

Print on Demand Selection

The products that Printful offers include homeware, apparel, and accessories. At the moment Printful’s product list includes 228 labels. This includes shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, dresses, skirts, hats, stickers, mugs, pillows, and more. Because there are so many options to choose from the hard part is to create a great design. And if Printful does not have the product you want, you can hire supplier of your choice and Printful will still manage the customer’s fulfillment.

Warehousing and shipping – Printful handles printing and shipping, and there are centers in US, Europe, Mexico. This means that it offers fast and easy delivery of all its products.

Pricing – As long as you set up your own account and design your own items, Printful doesn’t charge any upfront costs.

Printful is great for artists that want to create their own designs. But it is also great for people who want to create their own hats, clothes, or accessories. Printful has its own design team if you do get stuck coming up with ideas.

In conclusion, Printful is a very good choice for a Print on Demand service.

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