ShipBob Review 2021

ShipBob Review 2021

We’ve all ordered one thing or another from Amazon or another online company that offers shipping. But do you really think how hard fulfillment can be? Everyone loves to have free shipping, but the transfer of the product to the customer is not as easy as it sounds. The customer expects their products to be delivered on time, but several things can go wrong. For people who are shopping online, delivery dates play a major factor in their purchasing decisions. Fulfillment is terrible important for an online business. The company’s survival depends on it. This is a ShipBob Review 2021.

ShipBob Review 2021 – The Shipping Problem

Shipping has been a thorn in the side of e-commerce businesses for a long time. I know you’ve had an experience with shopping online where you had problems with delivery or replacing an order. I think lots of people have dealt with this. The product might have been late, lost, or damaged. In a study, shipping is so important that over 50% of customers wouldn’t purchase a product unless it arrived on time. So fulfillment is just as important as a great product and a fancy website. More than not, e-commerce customers are not happy with their retailer’s delivery service. Why is it so hard to deliver something fram A to B? Here are some things that hinder fulfillment:

  • Insufficient technology
  • Inclement weather
  • Lost packages
  • Traffic conditions
  • Problems with customs (cross border deliveries)
  • Automobile accidents

Customers expect a level of service delivery from a vendor and when deadlines elapse they are more than likely not going to deal with that vendor again. When this happens its hard to win your customers back.

E-commerce is tough, especially when you’re starting out. You can handle delivery by yourself, but sooner or later you’re going to run into challenges. ShipBob is here to ease the burden of fulfillment, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.

ShipBob Review 2021 – Overview

ShipBob is a fulfillment solution that handles shipping for customers who make purchases on your website. This takes the shipping burden off your shoulders and lets you focus on other aspects of your business.

ShipBob is located out of Chicago, and mainly caters to small to medium businesses who are trying to grow. ShipBob offers an inexpensive and convenient way to fulfilling orders, and when necessary facilitating returns.

ShipBon provides two day shipping, and has centers all across the United States. When the customer places an order with you, it is selected, packaged, and shipped. You can also monitor the orders through ShipBobs dashboard.

ShipBob can be integrated with the top e-commerce solutions and website builders in the world.

One of them is with Shopify. All that is required to integrate with Shopify is that you link your store and import your orders and products. No technical support is needed. When an order is placed with Shopify it is pushed to ShipBob for processing.

BigCommerce also integrates well with ShipBob as well as WooCommerce. ShipBob allows WooCommerce to outsource their fulfillment which promotes faster delivery. Users are also guaranteed two day shipping. Other platforms that integrate well with ShipBob include Amazon and Squarespace.

ShipBob’s operation – To work with ShipBob you need two things in place. You need a software solution to manage orders from your customers. You also need some kind of logistics service set up to fill orders and manage inventory.

Just integrate your store to ShipBob and send your products to one of their centers. ShipBob handles all the rest of the fulfillment process. So what is the process involved?

ShipBob Process

Receiving – You must deliver your product or products to one of their centers. From here ShipBob will store and maintain the product.

Picking – The customer selects a product and then that order is pushed to ShipBob. ShipBob has a picking team that will locate the product and its quantity.

Packing – The product is packed to protect it from damage and is ready for the next step which is shipping.

Shipping – The product is shipped via ShipBob’s shipping companies through which it partners with. When the product is shipped it can be tracked and this information can be shared with the customers.

ShipBob Features

Product Tracking – You can track the location of all your products through ShipBob’s tracking and management system from the warehouse to the customer.

Return Management and Order – Customers are updated on the status of their order and locations. If customer’s are not satisfied with their orders the products can be returned. ShipBob has software that enables customers to process returns and get immediate confirmation.

Offering Two Day Shipping – If you are an e-commerce store integrated with ShipBob you can provide two day shipping to your customers.

The Dashboard – ShipBob’s dashboard offers real time order management, and it has been enhanced with software to select, package, and ship orders efficiently. Customers always like to know the details of their purchase and Shipbob provides this information to them.

Inventory Locations – ShipBob has locations in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. This allows them to serve merchants quicker, cheaper, and more effectively. This distributed inventory service lessens the distance that the packages have to travel.

How is the customer support? If you have any issues with ShipBob you can contact them by chat, email, phone, and by submitting a ticket.

How is the pricing? – For receiving inventory, for the first two hours ShipBob charges $25. After that the company charges $35 for each man-hour.

Storage – This is how ShipBob charges for storage: $5 per bin, $10 per shelf, and $40 per pallet.

Picking costs – the first five picks are free, afterwards they charge you $.20 per pick.

Shipping costs – these will vary based upon the size, weight, and destination of the item but can range from $5 to $50.

ShipBob Review 2021 Pros and Cons


  • Two day shipping option.
  • Easily integrates with popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Warehouses distributed all across the country.
  • Handles the whole fulfillment process.


  • Pricing might be a little hard to understand.
  • Service pages might take time to load.

Other companies:

ShipBob does have some competition. Some companies that compare to ShipBob include ShippingEasy, Freightview, ShipStation, and Easyship.


You can have the best products out there, but if your customers have to wait a week or two to get them it won’t matter. Shipping your product is just as important as marketing and a cool website. Optimize the fulfillment process, and your customers will keep buying from you. ShipBob handles the entire fulfillment process for you so you can attend to other things and grow your business. ShipBob is an inexpensive and reliable service and is perfect for small and medium sized businesses.

Hope this helps you!

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