Skoolie Homes

Skoolie Homes

I just wanted to fill you in on something that’s trending. It’s called “skoolie”. It’s basically people who have turned a school bus into a home. I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of living in a skoolie. This post is basically a review on skoolie homes. Skoolies have really become popular in this 21 century.

Skoolie Homes – Benefits

Many people like skoolies because it is a home on wheels. It is similar to living in an RV. With skoolies you can travel and visit some amazing places, all with the comforts of your home. Why not just buy an RV? RV’s might be more expensive than your skoolie, but skoolies provide more space than your typical RV. It’s like living in a small apartment. What can you put in your skoolie? You can have a full size kitchen with a fridge, sink and oven or you can even include a stove or flat screen tv. You can have all the luxuries that you would have in a small apartment. And if you are traveling with someone else you can compartmentalize, giving you and your roommate some privacy.

Another plus for living in a bus is home ownership. House prices are continuing to climb so it’s a great alternative. If you do have you heart set on a home, a skoolie can be a great stepping stone before you buy. Another great benefit is that your bills will be minimal, allowing you to save more money. Also if you’re travelling with kids, the skoolie allows for greater space compared to a van.

Skoolie Homes – Downsides

As with upsides, there are downsides. One of the drawbacks to living in a skoolie is driving it. Buses are harder to drive than a regular car due to its larger size. This will take some getting some used to. Another issue is parking. Buses are a lot bigger than cars. Many parking lots or campgrounds are not suited to accommodate buses. Also, to drive a bus means you have to have a driver’s license to drive it. This will involve taking lessons and passing a driver’s test. Skoolies are made from buses that have been around for years. Make sure the bus is mechanically sound before taking that road trip. You don’t want that bus to breakdown on you halfway through the trip! These buses are not only older, they need to be maintained by a specialist mechanic, one who knows buses. Make sure you address these issues before starting your journey.

Older buses mean that they can be gas guzzlers. This can empty your wallet compared to driving a van or even and RV. You’ll have to visit the gas stations more often than your’re used to.

Buying a bus may not be more expensive than buying a van. Converting it into home will be. The minimum price for converting a bus will be $10,000, and might run to $40,000. With the conversion, the amount of gas it uses and the specialist repairs required, owning a skoolie can be very expensive.

Skoolie Homes – Conversion Companies

So what are some good conversion companies out there that worth taking a look at? One is called Paved to Pines. They use wood for the walls and plenty of windows to give natural light. The second I would recommend is called One Wild Ride Bus. And the next would be The Hanzian Bus.

There is a book you may want to read if you’re really serious about skoolies. It’s called Skoolie!: How to Convert a School Bus or Van into a Tiny Home or Recreational Vehicle by Will Sutherland. It has gotten some great reviews. It gives a step by step tutorial of the conversion process. This book is great if you’re really serious about skoolies or if you are just have an interest in them.

Tour of a Skoolie

One of the videos I watched was of a couple who owned a skoolie. The man who drove the skoolie said it could be stressful at times. Not because it was scary to drive the bus, But he has thoughts like: will the bus break down? Will I get into an accident? He then goes over the different parts of the skoolie.


He uses a little wood stove to generate heat. He also has a full size refrigerator that he admits he has problems with. On the roof of the bus he has solar panels he uses for power. They have a washer in their skoolie but they don’t use it that often, maybe one load per week. Using 8-13 gallons per load. They have a shower in the corner of their skoolie with a clear shower curtain. The couple does have problems with the shower with the water not heating up enough. They have a functioning composting toilet. With two people using the toilet that have to change out the composting toilet every two weeks, which is no big deal the couple said. They say that there is no bad smell coming from the composting toilet. They have more than ample closet space for all their clothes. The bed space could be better. The one thing she wish she had changed would be is to have a king bed with pillows facing the rear of the bus, so they don’t have to crawl over each other when they need get up.


The storage area for outdoor items is located underneath the bus and there’s plenty of room for things like gas cans, hoses, and extension cords. On the top of the bus they have a deck with two chairs. This is great to hang out and offers a terrific view of the scenery and the surroundings. The only thing he said he would change is the decking material, but other than that he is satisfied. In conclusion, skoolies are a great option if you like to travel and love the outdoors. You now have the pros and cons of living in a skoolie. It definitely isn’t for everyone.

Hope this helped you!

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